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This is a demo page modified from our home page. You probably don't want to read this page. In fact, I bet you definitely don't want to read this page. You better go to our home page, because this is just for an article I'm writing. Note that this text is in an illegal part of the HTML document. But who will complain? Good question. Let's find out.

Here is some stuff which is outside the head and body tags.

Did you see the "Here is some stuff...?" If not, the browser has discarded information outside of the head and body tags. Bad browser, bad browser.

This page is definitely not Netscape Enhanced. Heaven forbid.

Opus One is an information technology services firm. We offer consulting services to help your organization make the most of its networks and information technology infrastructure.

This link goes to an Anonymous FTP site

This link goes to the Az.General news group. This probably won't work unless your server gets AZ news groups.

This link sends me some mail.

This link goes to a short audio clip.

This link goes to a huge GIF picture.

This link goes to a WAV file. I don't think any browser has this built in.

This is a JPEG photo.

This goes to a gopher server.

This exercises the normal (VT100-style) telnet client.

This exercises the IBM 3270 style telnet client. Ohhh, that's a hard one!

This downloads a quicktime movie.

This goes to a real audio feed. You have to have Real Audio to listen to this.

You can index your site to enable people to search your documents for keywords. Here is a demo and instructions on how to set it up.

Here is an inline JPEG:

Last updated: June 3, 1995.