Who is Opus One?

Opus One is a consulting and technology services group established to bring you the services of a team of networking and information technology professionals from the Southern Arizona area.

Tucson is a small city. However, it boasts a world-class University, international software and hardware manufacturing organizations, several nearby DoD installations, and numerous research and development laboratories established by corporations who care about the quality of life for their employees.

Many very talented high technology professionals have chosen Tucson as their home. Opus One provides the means for you to tap into this expertise.

What does Opus One do?

We do whatever you want us to do. (Some of our current and past clients are available.) In the past, we've: We've been working with VAX/VMS since 1978, with networks since 1981, with Macintoshes since 1984, and with MS-DOS and Windows since 1988.

If you need help with networks, we can do it.

How Opus One Works

When you work with Opus One, you're working directly with a consultant who is responsible to you and your needs. If that consultant needs help, he'll bring in other qualified professionals, and the entire team will be jointly responsible to you.

The Opus One team is composed of consultants who have worked together for many years, both formally and informally. If one of us can help you find solutions, we're at your service. If we aren't experienced in a particular area, we're not going to say we are.

Our goal is to satisfy as many clients as possible, and make a fair living at the same time. We team together because we trust each other, and because we know each other's strengths and weaknesses. Opus One does no advertising; we rely entirely on word-of-mouth and referrals.

The consultants who work with Opus One are part of the network of IT professionals in Tucson. This gives us virtually unlimited expertise in all areas of computing technology, networking, data communications, and information systems. We focus on the areas where we have particular strengths: networks. Nevertheless, if you need to teach a seminar on WordPerfect, call us, and we'll find someone who can help you. When you have a need for a solution, we'll put you in direct contact with a consultant who is an expert in that area.

What Opus One is Not

Opus One is not a corporation with high overhead, full-time employees, and padded budgets. Opus One is not going to try and sell you services you don't need and products that don't work. Opus One doesn't sell software and it doesn't sell hardware, although we can provide these to you if a solution requires it. Opus One is not a body shop.

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Last updated: February 26, 1995.