Here's a simple page allowing users to perform searches on your web site.

As a demonstration, we've indexed the Opus One web pages (boring though they may be). To narrow your search to a particular topic, just type in a keyword in the box below. For example, try searching for 'demo', or 'friends'.

Now go back and enter two words in the box. Try 'demo page' to see how this restricts the searches to only pages that contain both words.

We actually have some interesting things on our pages, they're just buried where you'd never stumble across them. Try searching on 'articles' or 'Julieta'.

Notice that some percentage of the links here don't work perfectly; this is because this is the very simple minded search which doesn't handle a server as complicated (or confused) as our own. If you want to see a more complex example, try searching the Opus One pages using our own search page.

We give you detailed instructions on setting up the back-end processing needed to make the searches work.

If you want a more elaborate search, you should look into gsearch, the generic search scripts.

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