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Enter the name or IP address of the site to trace to:

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Fun things to fiddle with

The defaults for most of this will be fine for most people. If you want to fiddle with things, please be sure you know what you're doing.

The maximum number of hops to trace
The hop number to start with, 5 or greater skips our Tucson providers
The number of UDP packets to send to each hop
(numbers other than 3 turn on delay statistics to show loss and congestion; maximum is 99)

We don't need no stinkin' AS numbers Show AS numbers

Please abuse the DNS for me I can drive NSLOOKUP myself

I don't care who is responsible Round up the usual suspects

Use super-fast spray mode Use boring old wait-forever Traceroute

Pick one of our Internet links to force packets via that route, if you'd like. Default will get what a "normal" host on the production backbone would see, depending on how ICMPs are flowing right now.


Confused? Go to the Opus One home page to erase this vile techno geek stuff and find a consultant who can explain it to you. You can also just see the text at the bottom of a traceroute if you want.

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