Joel and Jan's Asia trip in early 2008, although almost all Joel and just about a week of Jan. Spoiler: contains many dull pictures of things Joel saw.

Spring, 2008 pictures, including our new Smart car, Interop, Paris, Ireland, and our climbing of Mt. San Gorgonio.

Summer, 2008 pictures, including our great trip to Maine to visit Russ and Katie and our trip to Italy.

Fall, 2008 pictures, including some Thanksgiving pics and Javelinas in our front yard!

Joel's Year of Eating Dangerously project.

Bonaire, 2006, diving expedition although credit really goes to Vicky Newman, who took all the good ones.

Fall, 2006 adventures, include 2 trips to Asia, and 4 to Europe.

Our Italy vacation during the Fall, 2006.

Spring 2005, including trips to Santa Cruz, Munich, London; home garden shots; a quick trip to Italy; Interop 2005 Las Vegas; Chicago and Toronto.

Cabo Pulmo 2005, our Mexico spring vacation for diving and relaxing.

Summer 2005, including trips to Milwaukee, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Seoul (it's all about the food), Amsterdam, Hyderabad, and State College, including the State College fireworks.

Italy 2005, our three-week long venture into the Umbrian countryside.

Finland 2005, a quick trip with pictures of the Lenin museum in Tampere, something not to be missed.