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Who's that coming on my bed?

And he's off!

But Wanda gets the last laugh.

Oliver sleeps.

Cats and drawers.

Cats and drawers.

Cats and drawers.

Air Canada Toronto to Hong Kong. It's a friggin' condo.

Singapore fruit market. New Years is next week and the oranges are out in full force.

Big empty meeting room.

Me, in the office, leaving at end of the day

Some of the students after our class. The 2nd from the right is this really brilliant fellow, Muaz, from Syria. He didn't seem particularly evil to me. I'll have to tell George Bush.

Namboka and I at dinner at Lau Pa Sat.

Singapore, early morning hours. View towards the airport side of the island, approximately South from where I am (63rd floor Swissotel The Stamford)

Everyone hard at work worrying over some exercise.

From my hotel room in Singapore. The things that look like beetles are actually theaters.

Downtown Singapore. Traditional, new, all mixed together.

Singapore: the famous Raffles hotel, from above.

Sim Lim Square. This makes Fry's look like Radio Shack. Really.

Singapore preparing for Chinese New Year

Oranges are big on the list of things for sale for Chinese New Year in Singapore

Fruit market, Singapore style, near Bugis.

The beach on Phuket.

Phuket streets in Patong Beach.

A shrine in front of the Baan Thai resort in Patong Beach. The action figures are my favorite.

In Patong Beach, you'll find these little shrines all over the place.

Many of the restaurants---most of them, actually---put their seafood out in front so you can pick exactly what you want and see the quality.

Our dinner in Patong Beach: fish, shrimp, shells, rice, vegetables, and of course Singha beer.