Jan Smiling
Unfortunately, Jan has been too busy to create a home page. However, you can send her email at trumbo@Opus1.COM if you'd like.

Two photos of Dollar Lake and Dollar Lake Spring in the San Gorgonio Wilderness in the San Bernardino mountains east of LA. Dollar Lake Dollar Lake Spring

A few 2002 portraits of Jan, Joel, cats and family 2002 pictures

We have kittens! Our Spring 2001 picture collection includes Joel's trips to Singapore and InterOp, and then dozens of pictures of our new kittens!

If you wanted, you could look at an icky picture the VMS guys took of her, or some nicer pictures, including one with Jan and Bruce and one with Jan and Chris.

If you would like to see something more current, Jan's latest skiing trip (January, 1999) is available, like all knowledge in the universe, on the web (and in a non-frames version as well). Jan led a stingray by its nose in the Caymans.

Jan's current bookmarks are usually disorganized because that is how she likes to surf the web.

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Last updated: January 20, 1995.