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The information on this page will probably be helpful to you in planning your visit to Opus One.

  1. Directions to Opus One are at http://www.opus1.com/o/about_map.html. We recommend you follow those, rather than getting on-line map directions, as the on-line maps tend to take you in a very suboptimal route, such as via the freeway, which is about 15 miles out of your way.

  2. We normally get into work at about 10AM and work until 7PM or so. Please send us an approximate idea of when you're going to be here. We can adapt our hours to meet your flight schedule.

    For timing purposes, you can assume that it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get from your airplane, though baggage claim and car rental, to our site. If you take a taxi, you can shave about 10 minutes off of that. A taxi to or from the airport is about $30 to $35.

    When leaving, we generally leave the office one-hour before flight time when leaving Tucson. This gives you adequate, but not luxurious time. If you have to return a rental car, add another 10 minutes. There is nothing interesting to do in the airport, and, unfortunately, all of the good restaurants that were there have been replaced by junk. But they do have free Wi-Fi, so if you do get there 2 hours ahead of time, you can at least read your email.

  3. Opus One is a T-shirt-and-shorts kind of place. We often do not wear shoes (this is Tucson, you see, and it's warm here all the time). You may wear a tie if you want us to make fun of you.

  4. Your best bet for a place to stay is the Arizona Inn at 520-325-1541. It's charming, clean, beautiful, and the closest hotel to our offices (but not within walking distance). You should try it, particularly if you travel a lot---it's a very welcome change from the normal chain awfulness. If that's full, the Tucson Marriott University Park is new and also nearby (520-792-4100). If that's full, try the Windmill Inn, at 520-577-0007. The Sheraton Four Points (520-327-7341) is old but will serve if you're not too picky. There are no other chain hotels nearby, so if your frequent flyer mania insists that you stay at a Hilton, you're going to have a long drive ahead of you.

  5. Normally, we would be happy to have you sit around and chat about how wonderful your product is all day long. However, because we are almost always behind deadlines of some sort, we don't generally have the luxury of that. Your agenda should be as follows: a) Get your product up and running as quickly as possible. b) Make it do whatever it is you came out to show us. c) Offer a lot of homilies about how your product is so much better than the other junk laying around the lab (we will be ignoring those) d) Go home. It's not that we don't love you, it's just that we're very pressed for time.

  6. If you are coming between May and October, it is going to be hot, perhaps very hot here. Bring your swimsuit and we'll catch a quick dip in the afternoon.

  7. Send mail to whomever your contact is and ask them for their cell phone number. If you need to call after 5PM or in the morning because of some emergency, feel free to do so. If you want to talk about how wonderful your product is, call the office number at 520-324-0494 and leave voice mail.

  8. If you are allergic to cats, be warned that the office is fairly well saturated with cat dander.

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