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Maps to Opus One

A collection of map links to our site are on this page. You should be able to find us using what you find here.

Maps to Opus One

Here are three static Zip2 (they're dead now, of course) maps (fairly ugly and simple GIF files) from our local server here:

Alternately, we have a GIS map showing topological features around Opus One. (We're just to the South and West of the number "2380" on the map, north of the lot which has three little boxes on it.)

How to get to 1404 East Lind Road

     ||                                                                   || 
     ||                  ||            Prince                             ||
     ||                  ||                                               ||
   M ||                 V||                                               ||C
   o ||                 i||                                               ||a
   u ||                 n||                                               ||m
   n ||                 e||                                               ||p
   t ||                  ||                                    North      ||b
   a ||                  ||                                      ^        ||e
   i ||                  ||                                West  +  East  ||l
   n ||                  ||                                      v        ||l
     ||                  ||                                    South      ||
     ||                  ||                                               ||
     ||                  ||                                               ||
     ||                  ||                                               ||
     ||                  ||                                               ||
     ||                  ||                                               ||
     ||                  ||                                               ||
     ||                  ||                                               ||
     ||                  ||                                               ||
     ||                  ||                                               ||
     ||     ========================================================      ||
     ||                  || XX         Lind  Rd                           ||
     ||                  || XX                                            ||
     ||                  ||                                               ||
     ||                  ||                                               ||
     ||                  ||                                               ||
     ||                                Ft. Lowell                         ||
     ||                                                                   ||

From I-10 heading South:

  • exit Prince Road, turn East (left) onto Prince
  • continue several miles. When you hit the light at First Avenue begin to pay attention.
  • the next light is Mountain
  • the first right after Mountain is Vine. Turn South (right) on to Vine
  • Follow Vine through three stop signs to the corner of Vine and Lind. Go through the third stop sign and turn left on the first driveway you see. If you find a VAX-11/780 in the carport, you're in the right place. Go through the wood gate and we're in the large-ish building in the back.
  • Opus One is on the South-East corner of Vine and Lind at 1404 East Lind.

From the Airport:

  • Exit out of the airport, heading North on the only street you can. This is Tucson Blvd.
  • when you pass Valencia (first traffic light), set your odometer to zero.
  • At about 2 miles, you'll hit the 2nd light, Benson Highway (also marked Irvington) which turns left-ish. You're actually going straight (i.e., don't get in the left turn lane), but the road curves to the left and turns into Benson Highway.
  • Get in the right lane. In about 1/2 mile, at the next light, you'll turn right on Kino parkway. There's also a sign which says something like "City Center" directing you in that direction.
  • Continue North on Kino until the 9 mile mark. It will go up, down, left, right, and even change its name to Campbell. Keep going. Do not be led astray. You'll pass lights at Ajo, 36th, Silverlake, 22nd, Aviation, 15th, Broadway, and 6th St.
  • At about the 6.5 mile mark, to your left is the University of Arizona. Try not to hit any pedestrians.
  • At about the 7.5 mile mark is a light for Elm Street. If you're staying at the Arizona Inn, this is where you would turn right.
  • When you hit the light at Campbell & Glenn (8.5 mile mark), begin to pay attention again.
  • The next light is Campbell & Ft. Lowell. Turn left. (You're now at the lower right-hand corner of the map above).
  • Now the going gets rough. Go about 1/3 mile until you see the residential street "Vine." That's your 3rd right turn. If you hit the light at Mountain, you've gone too far; turn around and go back. Turn right on Vine.
  • Go through the "Do Not Enter" signs. Don't worry, you're only going 100 feet past. Turn right into the first driveway to your right, and go in through the gate in the carport. Opus One is the largish building in the back.
  • You're looking for the South-East corner of Vine and Lind: 1404 East Lind.
If you get lost, call +1 520 324-0494

Other good advice: don't try and get there from Campbell or Mountain; Lind doesn't go through.

An older map

We have a really old map, back before you could get cool free maps on the web, right here.

Aerial photographs

Here are some photos of Opus One from above, although you really can't see much useful, courtesy of Mapquest: most zoomed out view, more detail view, still more detail view, most detail view.

Common Errors

People can be confused when coming to Opus One. There are several common errors:

  • We don't work in the house in the front. This means that going to the house is not particularly useful. What you want to do is go to the big building in back. However, if you do go to the house in front, you can get ahold of us by pressing the doorphone button. Don't ring the doorbell (no one you want to talk to is in the house); press the button next to the gadget which looks like an intercom (because it is).
  • We don't work in the workshop. This means that knocking on the door to the workshop (the corrugated metal door in the carport) is not going to be particularly profitable, unless someone is in there sawing or preserving olives or something. Even then, you still aren't going to hit Opus One.
  • We do work in the big building with lots of windows. You get to that building by going into the courtyard (there is a wooden gate from the parking area/carport which will take you in there; it is never locked) and walking around to the office. One entire wall is glass---it's easy to find and it's easy to see us.

If you are confused, then call us on your cell phone (you do have a cell phone, don't you?) and we'll help you find your way.

Places to Stay

If you're visiting Opus One and need a place to stay, we suggest one of the following:

How to get to Opus One from...

Read the directions above and you'll see how these brief ones fit in. These will get you to the corner of Ft. Lowell and Vine, heading north. At the first intersection, you'll be at Vine & Lind. Turn right on Lind and park in the driveway. Opus One is the largish building in the back. You're looking for the South-East corner of Vine and Lind: 1404 East Lind.

  • The Arizona Inn Head towards Campbell (probably the way you came in), and turn right (north). Then left on Ft. Lowell, and right on Vine.
  • Marriott University Park Head towards Euclid (probably the way you came in), and turn right (north). Then right on Ft. Lowell, and left on Vine (right after the light at Mountain).
  • Windmill Inn Head towards Campbell (probably the way you came in) and turn left (south). Then right on Ft. Lowell, and right on Vine.

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