image/_vpn01.jpg, 3K
768 x 512
Check Point came in at the beginning. You can still see the lab, because we haven't stacked everything up.
image/_vpn02.jpg, 3.8K
413 x 421
Redcreek has the fastest-booting device, something we came to appreciate during the days of agony that were to come.
image/_vpn03.jpg, 2.5K
512 x 768
Data Fellows demonstrated that you could actually make an NT machine do crypto pretty fast.
image/_vpn04.jpg, 3K
768 x 512
Later, we got to take a group picture.
image/_vpn05.jpg, 3.8K
451 x 468
Shiva (errr.... Intel, as of a few weeks ago) gets the prize for "most air space" in a VPN device.
image/_vpn06.jpg, 2.7K
768 x 512
The Internet Dynamics guys had excellent shirts. Plus they were willing to come in at night---tremendous patience with us!
image/_vpn07.jpg, 2.9K
768 x 512
The Lucent folks had a hard time with the install, so we almost never got to see Harvey. He did, however, stay an extra day for the Mexican food.
image/_vpn08.jpg, 3.8K
695 x 723
VPNet had a smooth install and very impressive performance. Plus their boxes weren't totally oversized like SOME folks.
image/_vpn09.jpg, 3.6K
597 x 508
Radguard came up with the best looking boxes of all, with that cool retro-50s bracket which holds the crypto-key. I don't know why Dan has a rainbow around him---but he is from Israel.
image/_vpn10.jpg, 3K
512 x 768
Network Alchemy wins in the performance category, but more importantly, as "ugliest VPN device" AND as "heaviest VPN device." Plus they also had good shirts.
image/_vpn11.jpg, 1.9K
528 x 210
The Microsoft and Entrust people helped us take a much needed break from a crushing schedule.
image/_vpn12.jpg, 2.8K
334 x 438
This is the only part of our tests where "going up in flames" was considered a good thing. You can see the Opus One 1994 bottle in the foreground---we drank a lot of that.