image/_064-rosewalter.jpg, 2.5K
431 x 569
Tucson Junior Strings had their 30th anniversary party in December. My old and dear friend Rose came out with her new hubby, Walter, to visit.
image/_065-tjsrosemelissa.jpg, 2.4K
685 x 839
Here's Rose and Melissa mugging for the camera.
image/_066-tjswalterphil.jpg, 2.1K
375 x 283
This is Walter and old TJS alumni & current viola player Phil Stevens. Phil is now also playing in the Zsa-Zsas.
image/_067-tjsdebbiejoelphilgil.jpg, 2.2K
444 x 247
A bunch of old TJSers: Debbie Mitchell, me, Phil Stevens, and Gil Levinson
image/_068-tjsdebbiephilgilrosew.jpg, 2K
520 x 255
More TJSers: Debbie, Phil, Gil, Rose, and Walter (OK, he's not a TJSer, but he's a nice guy).
image/_069-tjsjoelrose.jpg, 2.6K
375 x 507
Here's Rose and I watching from the back. This party was WAY TOO short.
image/_070-tjsorchvlns.jpg, 2.4K
533 x 303
Everybody who could still play (doesn't include me) got together for Bach Brandenberg 3.
image/_071-tjsorchvlns.jpg, 1.8K
673 x 238
More Bach. Dennis is conducting. I still think he looks like Elvis. Quick: have you ever seen the two of them in the same room together?
image/_072-tjsorchcellos.jpg, 1.9K
588 x 212
Unfortunately, my camera doesn't do well at long distances (needs a much better flash). Sorry.