image/_p0000662.jpg, 2.3K
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Our humble abode, seen from the South. The wild curtain in the door to the right will disappear soon!
image/_p0000663.jpg, 2.4K
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This is the newly formed ramada. Formerly a carport, we have turned it into a nice area for dining or just sitting. You're looking west, where the sun will set in a few hours.
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Looking down from the office roof onto the back yard. The bare quarter-circle will turn into buffalo grass in a few months. The raised thing next to the pool is the spa.
image/_p0000665.jpg, 2.8K
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More of the pool. That bare spot at the top has since been filled with a fig tree, and Jan plans to plant sunflowers along the north wall.
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Looking south to the Back 40. You can see some of the citrus trees, and the compost compound near our back fence.
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Jan's newly created vegetable jail (to keep out bunnies, squirrels, and other fuzzy cute things) has just been planted!
image/_p0000670.jpg, 3K
594 x 479
These trees will grow to shade the office walls from the setting sun. Right now, they're just 6 feet high.
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From the house, the office cuts a strong profile. The highest point on the wall is 18 feet.
image/_p0000673.jpg, 2.5K
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The odd asymmetry is obvious here, but when you're closer it just looks like a lot of glass.
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View of the front yard, looking north. The cactus holes are all filled with nesting birds right now.
image/_p0000677.jpg, 2.8K
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More front yard views. Mickey Mouse saguaro is doing well since he got water a few years ago.
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The pool boy always works with a smile.