Garden Spring 1999
image/_dwarf-grapefruit.jpg, 4.2K
533 x 478
The "dwarf white grapefruit" tree didn't notice it was moved with a tree spade a year ago. It turns out to be neither dwarf nor white!
image/_tangelo.jpg, 4.2K
512 x 568
The Orlando tangelo gave us lots of sweet, juicy fruit and is covered in flower buds right now.
image/_citrus-blooms.jpg, 3.6K
851 x 671
Stick your nose in this!
image/_tank.jpg, 3K
807 x 857
The water storage tank for collecting rainwater; 1600 gallons is not enough!
image/_ash-trees.jpg, 2.6K
512 x 768
The ash trees behind the carport will soon provide shade for the office building in the back.
image/_compost.jpg, 2.5K
724 x 370
The ultimate in compost technology, we expanded from 3 bins to 4 when relocating these bins to the back orchard. This design came from a Sunset book and works very well.
image/_veggie-jail.jpg, 2.7K
768 x 512
Our spring project, the "vegetable jail". We are trying desperately to fend of Mr. Squirrel.
image/_penstemmons.jpg, 2.9K
768 x 512
The penstemmons are the first to bloom, and still going strong.
image/_nasturtiums.jpg, 2.4K
724 x 368
These climbing nasturtiums are positively chirpy. The rosemary is quite fragrant, though it seems too busy growing to bloom right now.
image/_happysage.jpg, 2.8K
578 x 356
The culinary sage is thoroughly enjoying the weather.
image/_office-patio.jpg, 1.9K
719 x 343
A few spots of color for the office patio. The potted tree at left is a black Mission fig, soon to be planted.
image/_laurel-blooms.jpg, 2.2K
641 x 283
A texas mountain laurel bloom shows its color.
image/_gertrude.jpg, 3.3K
541 x 439
New to the garden this spring, Gertrude Jekyl can disembowel small wildlife that pass too close. She is the sweetest-scented of roses.
image/_malmaisson-perfect.jpg, 2.8K
829 x 761
Souvenir de la Malmaisson is our first rose to bloom; its scent is rich and subtle.
image/_flattop-saguaro.jpg, 2.7K
557 x 585
The decapitated saguaro has decided to try again.
image/_bunny-redeye.jpg, 3.1K
411 x 339
The local wildlife shows its true nature.