StarNine Fills the E-Mail Gap

Joel M. Snyder

This spring, StarNine Technologies plans to ship the final pieces necessary to turn a Macintosh into a full-fledged Internet information server. StarNine's EMail-On-Demand (eMOD), modeled on Internet mail processors such as Listserv, lets a Mac act as a central repository for mailing lists and automated information systems.

eMOD supports both simple mailing-list operations (including automated subscription) and more-powerful functions. Using rules, eMOD interprets incoming E-mail and can then take some action.

eMOD connects to QuickMail, Microsoft Mail, or SMTP E-mail systems, or it can receive E-mail directly from the Internet. Pricing was not set at press time, but the company expects eMOD to cost less than $1000. StarNine Technologies, 510/649-4949.

May 1995, page: 139

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