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Network World, 11/10/97

Ravlin 10
RedCreek Communications, Inc.

Web site:

Pricing: $1,300 (4); $3,500 (10)

General description: Two-port VPN; 4 and 10M bit/sec flavors. Dedicated hardware.

Management interface: Windows 95/NT GUI

Supported protocols:All IP, no Multicast

Bridge or router? Bridge plus some router functions

Filtering: Certain protocols only (RADIUS, DNS, BOOTP, SNMP) can be blocked or passed in clear. Can block non-encrypted traffic.

Certificate authority: Own on Win 95/NT. X.509/ISAKMP

On CA failure? System runs until box reboots or new SA needed

Encapsulation style: ESP or proprietary EIP (encrypt in place)

Encryption: DES/3DES (CFB64 and CBC). Rekey at management-specified interval

Address hiding? Yes in ESP mode; no in EIP mode

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