LOGIN.COM is the coolest domain in the Internet, at least if you know anything about OpenVMS computers. Try sending email to Romeo Julieta, if you'd like.

Here's what happens if you do a WHOIS on LOGIN.COM:

Login/Logout Consulting Group (LOGIN-DOM)
   PO Box 14546
   Tucson, AZ 85711

   Domain Name: LOGIN.COM

   Administrative Contact:
      Julieta, Romeo  (RJ9)  Romeo_Julieta@LOGIN.COM
      (602) 324-0494
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Gavron, Ehud  (EG76)  gavron@ACES.COM
      (602) 322-6500

   Record last updated on 07-Jan-94.

   Domain servers in listed order:


And here's what happens if you do a WHOIS on RJ9:

Julieta, Romeo (RJ9)            Romeo_Julieta@LOGIN.COM
   Login/Logout Consulting
   1404 E Lind Road
   Tucson, AZ 85719

   (602) 324-0494

   Record last updated on 04-Aug-93.

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Last updated: December 3, 1994.