Detailed pricing chart
Company Name Product Name Version Price Phone (Sales) URL
Avaya Inc. VSU-100 v3.2 $1,395 (hardware) plus $995 (VPNmanager 3.1, software) 908-953-6000
Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. VPN-1 SecureClient NG with VPN-1 Accelerator Card II v5.0 $10,995 (up to 200 IP addresses) plus $995 (crypto accelerator,optional) plus $3,500 (Intel Platform) 1-800-429-4391

or 650-628-2000
Hewlett Packard Company HP VPN Server Appliance sa3150 v6.9 $16,158 (hardware plus software) 800-826-4111
Lucent Technologies Access Point 1000 software 2.4R.1 $20,495.00 (hardware) plus $6,000 (crypto accelerator, optional) plus $1,000.00 (software) plus $9,995.00 (QVPN Builder, optional) 888-4-LUCENT
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Intel Pro/100S Server Adapters Win2K SP2 $850.00 (Win2K software) plus $180.00 (Intel adapters) plus $3,500 (Intel platform) 650-251-2700
Nokia CC 2500 v3.0 $9,995 (hardware plus software)
Nortel Contivity 1600 (with Optivity VPN Manager) $7,000 (hardware) plus $15,990 (Optivity, optional) 800-4-NORTEL
Cisco Systems, Inc. Cisco 7140 VPN Router with Integrated Services Module crypto accelerator and Cisco Secure Policy Manager v2.3f v12.2 $18,500 (7140-2FE VPN bundle including crypto accelerator) 408-526-7200
Cisco Systems, Inc. Cisco PIX 525 Firewall with Integrated Services Module crypto accelerator v6.0 $22,000 (hardware) plus $7,500 (crypto accelerator) plus $1,000 (3DES software) plus $2,000 (management tool, optional) 408-526-7200
RapidStream RapidStream 2000 V3.0.2 $4,995 (hardware plus software) 866-RAPID4U
RedCreek Communications(r), Inc. Ravlin 7160 v3.6 $8,900 (hardware plus software) 888-745-3900
Secure Computing Corporation Sidewinder Firewall/VPN with Intel PA-100/PA-SEC100 IPSec encryption accelerator v5.2 $3,900 (VPN software only) plus $3,990 (accelerator card) plus $3,500 (Intel platform) 800-692-5625
Watchguard Firebox III 4500 v4.61 $9,990 (hardware) plus $995 (VPN Manager v4.61, optional) 206-521-8340