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Abandoning an Operation

The following calls are used to abandon an operation in progress:

           int ldap_abandon_ext(
                   LDAP            *ld,
                   int             msgid,
                   LDAPControl     **serverctrls,
                   LDAPControl     **clientctrls

           int ldap_abandon(
                   LDAP            *ld,
                   int             msgid

The session handle.
The message id of the request to be abandoned.
List of LDAP server controls.
List of client controls.

ldap_abandon_ext() abandons the operation with message id msgid and returns the constant LDAP_SUCCESS if the abandon was successful or another LDAP error code if not. See the section below on error handling for more information about possible errors and how to interpret them.

ldap_abandon() is identical to ldap_abandon_ext() except that it returns zero if the abandon was successful, -1 otherwise and does not support LDAPv3 server controls or client controls.

After a successful call to ldap_abandon() or ldap_abandon_ext(), results with the given message id are never returned from a subsequent call to ldap_result(). There is no server response to LDAP abandon operations.

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