VPN Pointer Page

This page has a list of pointers and references for VPN technology. For now, I'm going to just pile them in so that the information is available; I'll try and organize them and make the pages a little more attractive when free time permits (yeah, right).

Atlanta 1999 "results"

Time proves the VPN Interop team is too busy to do much with the results from the Atlanta Interop, although we were all impressed by the great strides gained by the vendors in just six months. We don't have any official 'results' but there is a snapshot of our Interoperability web page from the last day in the show. The imporatant notes are that "down" means "never been up" and "failed" means that it was up at one point but now it is down. Again, these aren't official results; they are simply what the display showed on Thursday morning.

Interop VPN Interoperability Demonstration Notes

This section has notes from the Spring 1999 Interop VPN Interoperability Demonstration. If you're new to the topic, you may want to go through the Powerpoint presentation below first.

Otherwise, here are all the configs (as best we could capture) from the vendors who participated in the Spring. We did not try to capture configs from the Fall Interop, so this is kind of old now.