Date: Sat, 01 Jun 2002 01:05:15 -0700
Subject: Your servers can be hacked too.


I am not interested in weather your servers get hacked or not but when either
someone from within your company or someone else using your computer as a
gateway starts to mess with my computer, it pisses me off.

I have logs showing an "attempted" scan on my computer from someone using your
IP address.

The attack took place at
    Fri May 31 09:38:57 2002 PST
Here is an entry from my Intrusion Detection System

message         : Udp scanning attempt: 54 cnx from port 33471 to 33524 in 6 seconds.
Ip hdr    : -> [hl=20,version=4,tos=0,len=40,id=52159,ttl=1]
Udp hdr   : 57349 -> 33471 [len=20]
Data hdr  : size=18 bytes

I am masking my IP address here. 

Now, you better not try to mess with my computer here.  I have a pretty
sophisticated Intrusion detection system in place and you can think of me as a
genius when it comes to computer security. I can protect my system and though I
do not like to do it but when people start to mess with my computer, I do not
hesitate in NUKING their computer to oblivion.

I would suggest you look into your logs and make sure nobody from within you
company is trying to mess with me. Also get your servers in orders and have
some descent protection in place. A donut shop has a better protection on their


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